Live True London Clapham with @mpaulapop

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you're all having the most splendid day!!
Yesterday, I made way to Live True London in Clapham North (located 2 mins walk from Clapham North tube station on the northern tube line) to visit my favourite hairdresser Paula (instagram linked here) a couple of weeks ago I made the big mistake of allowing an unresearched hairdresser to touch my hair NEVER AGAIN!!! This left my hair severely damaged and rapidly breaking off and snapping, not to mention badly coloured in uneven places, my hair appeared dry and unloved, not a good look.

Fortunately, Paula saved my hair by correcting the colour and blending it out, she also added Olaplex which is essential if you're having your hair bleached or if it's damaged, this treatment is a line of hair repair 'bond building' that will make your hair nice and healthy again.

I don't allow ANYONE to cut my long locks due to previous hairdressers getting scissor happy and cutting off a huge chunk of hair which left me going home in tears, if you've experienced this you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! I trusted Paula to trim my hair and make it look healthy without losing its length and that's exactly what she did!!! Paula also used a new Russian technique to remove my snapping ends from every strand of hair after my hair felt softer than it ever has!!!

I left Live true London very happy, with shiny, healthy-looking hair, Paula really saved my hair!!! It's very important to go to professionally experienced hairdresser like Paula, who know what they are doing and understands hair. She knew exactly what to do and gave me the exact result I wanted.

If you're looking to get your hair done, I would definitely recommend going to Live true London. If Clapham is too far for you, that's okay! Live true London also have salons in Vauxhall, Nine-elms, and Brixton. I have linked the website here 

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