Black daisies and a floppy hat

            Hey Hey, so today I headed down to Somerset house for the fourth day of London fashion week. I was very excited as per usual! 

I decided to wear this little monochrome number by Lipsy and dressed it up with gloves and a hat, the dress already has a lot of detail so there was no need for any extra accessories. 

I’m quite sure I’m going to leave you all sick of the sight of this floppy hat, I’ve been wearing it a lot this week, I just want to wear it with everything and it’s been really handy in the rain as well haha! 

All in all, my outfit was quite simple today with my long sleeved dress and the hat that I refuse to take off :) Tomorrow is the last day of LFW so if you have been wanting to go it's your last chance until September! xXx
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Pretty pastels

Hey Hey, so if you've been reading my blog recently you will know that today I attended day 2 of London fashion week.  
The was sun shining and birds were singing :P lol 

This season, I can't get enough of pastel colours, they’re so happy and pretty, and a lovely change from all the dark and dreary colours of Autumn/ Winter. I decided mix winter pieces with spring pieces, it’s still really cold here in London and I’ve been told that this weather is here to stay for awhile longer so I thought I might as well make the most of it! 
I hope you like this look and it's given you some inspiration for how to mix and match dark colours with pastels colours. 
I absolutely love this outfit and can't wait to wear more pastels items, hopefully the weather is going to get warmer soon! xXx
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My Rainy Day

Hello there, so today was day 1 of London fashion week, which for most people in the fashion industry, including myself is the most important week of the fashion calendar.

 After arriving at Somerset house and seeing the shows, I did a spot of wandering around the courtyard area, which was full of people with epic style, I saw some seriously trendy people today!!

I have to say this is the rainiest fashion week I have ever been too and apparently tomorrow is going to be worse! Lucky for me I’m used to this bad weather so I came equipped with a hat and umbrella YAY:) 

Tomorrow I’ll be back at Somerset house again so stay tuned  xXx
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London Fashion Week YAY

HeyHey, first of all sorry for the late blog post, the past couple of months have been some of the busiest I’ve had in a very long time and I haven’t had much time to myself, I don’t think I’ve ever gone without posting ANYTHING for such a long time, my apologies!

So as you probably know London Fashion Week (LFW) starts tomorrow (14th to the 18th) and I thought I would be helpful and spread some of my advice to anyone who’s thinking of going or who just wants to know what happens.

You’ll meet a certain type of person at London Fashion Week and they will be one of the following: Fashion magazine editor, Fashion bloggers, street style photographers and the “IT” crowd, you will most certainly see ALOT  of Z-listers, (MIC people, tv presenters etc) you will also come across some A listers , who are mostly very friendly and most of the time they will let you take photos of them.

 As soon as you walk into Somerset house you will be papped, paparazzi are literally everywhere! The truth is the better dressed you are the more photos are likely to be taken of you, make sure you have your business cards handy because these  photos could end up in high end magazines like Vogue or on a fashion website like topshop, ASOS, motel etc!

Make sure you know whose taking photos of you, give them your details and get there’s! I’ve previously made the mistake of having my photos taken then walking off into the crowd without asking what or who the photos were for BIG MISTAKE!  

Make sure you take an umbrella with you, English weather is terrible all year round and LFW is no exception! I’ve left my house with no umbrella thinking I wouldn’t need it, then only hours later been cramped under my kind friends umbrella for 20 minutes, waiting for the rain to stop! NOT FUN!

You will see more high heels at Somerset house in one day than you will in whole week in the "normal"! World. This will probably make you think that you too should be a part of the “highheel” crowd, if you’re not used to them then make sure you bring a pair of flats with you cos Somerset house is on large pebbles, making it hard to walk normally obvs!

Last but not least pack your CHARGED camera (there are limited plugs at LFW)  and make sure you get all your invitations sorted out, DO NOT forget them at home because like for most things, no invitation means NO entry!

LFW is great way to see amazing fashion styles and meet amazing and important people, I would definitely urge anyone who’s in or who loves fashion to go. The first and second days are my favourites just because Somerset house is buzzing and there’s a really good atmosphere in the air, but if you want a less hectic and more chilled day then try and plan your trip for the 
last 4 days.

 I hope these tips helped, have a great time at LFW xXx

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