Seeing as it's February tomorrow and the beginning of the month of love, romance, and LFW (see previous blog post below)  I'm channeling my inner love for RED. Apparently wearing red makes you seem more appealing or so I've been told, that's reason enough for me!!! Make any outfit that little bit better by adding a bit or red ;) Shop my outfit below
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Valentines day outfit inspo

With Valentines day exactly 2 weeks away, I thought I'd put together a little outfit for anyone struggling with what to wear, this outfit is a perfect day to night look and versatile for a night out with bae or a girly night with your bff  :) Shop my look below
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London fashion week guide for beginners

As we get settled into the new year and watch the last days of January fade away, we feel the weather getting slightly warmer in preparation for Spring which can only mean one thing, its nearly time for London fashion week. I have been to many seasons and try my best to go every year, in case you're not too sure what it is and you're curious or just getting into the whole fashion world thing, London fashion week is the most magical time of year for anyone studying in, working in or just completely infatuated with fashion. It's a chance to see new collections, new up and coming designers and attend some great after parties but in order to make the most out of these 5 days, it's best to plan ahead so below I'm sharing some of my top tips that I've learnt over the years (and that I wish I had known before)

Pack some comfy shoes
This sounds like an obvious one, but when an outfit is looking on point carrying a pair of trainers in an extra nonmatching big bag will kill your look, plus whilst waiting around outside of the entrance of a 'running late' show, the bag will start to feel heavy. I opt to match my looks with heels that I know will be comfy and are broken into well before I need to wear them, this includes platforms because the heels are made level, which makes them feel like flats. I also carry around a flexible pair of ballerina flat shoes, these are sold in most department stores, do the job and doesn't take up any room SORTED  

Plan a schedule   
Some shows happen close to each other and some are on opposite sides of town, it's important to pick which ones you want to attend and plan around them, because rushing from show to show will make you late and tired and potentially miss your favourite designers runway.

Bring the essentials
Always make sure you remember to bring your invitations, LFW is like any other invite-only event, no ticket no entry - Only after parties work on a guestlist entry basis, and I can't tell you how disappointing it is waiting for a show you can't attend. Make sure you remember your ID for the after parties, this almost as importing as taking the invitations themselves, after parties are a great way to meet designers and important people in fashion in a more relaxed environment.

Charge your Camera and Phone
I always charge my Canon all night the night before, I also pack an extra SD card and a portable iphone charger - At this time of year nearby plugs are almost impossible to find!!

Dress to Impress
Make sure you get a good nights sleep and look your very best especially for day 1 and 2 of LFW and especially if you want to get noticed, Vogue photographers and magazine editors are walking around EVERYWHERE. if you want to get noticed, this is your shot!!

Have fun
This is a great time of year and great way to meet new people and see new designs, make sure you make the most of it and enjoy yourself!!

London Fashion begins on Friday 18th and Ends on Tuesday 20th February. If you miss this season, you have another chance to go in September :)
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Pretty in Pink

When it comes to winter coats there's nothing I love more than a pretty faux fur, after all, it is Mid-January and that can only mean one thing (apart from the countdown to fashion week) Mid-January calls for oversized coats, over the knee boots and pretty hats! I'm in :) With February approaching I'm loving all the romantic colours and Pink is always my go to :) Shop my look below
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