The Lovely Clinic with Dr Sarah Tonks


Well hello there guys, thank you for stopping by my blog. Today I wanted to talk about my experience getting lip filler and under eye fillers.
Yesterday morning I went to an appointment with Dr. Sarah Tonks at The Lovely Clinic located in South Kensington. 

Prior to this meeting, I had already met with the lovely Dr. Sarah so she could go through the procedures with me and on my end, I could explain exactly the results that what I wanted.

First I got fillers for my under eyes, coming from a South American background the sinking under my eyes was something I had always been conscious about. I think when you don't like something about yourself you probably notice it more than other people.  
Yesterday,  Dr. Sarah used a filler technique piercing tiny little holes under my eyes to help them look more puffy and defined, the results looked incrediable and the procedure was not painful at all.

After this we moved on to my lips, I had previously experienced getting my lips done was once before with the traditional needle being poked into my lips several times, which I found extremely uncomfortable and painful. Yesterday, Dr. Sarah used a technique that was new to me and only took a few minutes to complete. 

Dr. Sarah used a cannula needle which gave me the exact result I wanted. When get your lips filled with a cannula you get more accurate results, and it reduces the amount of trauma caused to the lips which result in less swelling and bruising. Personally, I didn't bruise at all and this technique is again not painful.

Finding a good doctor amongst the hundreds of doctors in London is very hard but it is very important when allowing someone to touch your face so I 've taken the hard work out for you and found Dr.Sarah. If you're looking to get some filler treatments then I definitely recommend going to the Lovely clinic to see Dr. Sarah.  I have linked the Lovely clinic website and Dr. Sarah's Instagram page below

To end this blog post I was want to say that I love the results of my lips and under eyes and I will be posting up some photos on my Instagram feed shortly

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