What's in my bag?

I’ve been meaning to do a “what’s in my bag” blogpost or youtube video for awhile now, I also intended to do an outfit post with this clutch from Miss Selfridge back in February, so I thought it would be nice to combined the two and also show you what I would normally be carrying in a clutch.
A women’s clutch is her sanctuary and place where she can carry all her precious items, you can actually tell a lot about her by what she has in her bag. I’ve taken  all the sweets, keys and cards that I normally carry around out and just left the interesting pretty stuff.

Perfume. DIOR - Miss Dior  is one of my favourites and it comes in a handy purse size so I can take it around with me everywhere and reapply when the course of my day changes (such as post-work drinks or a surprise dinner date).

Lip stick. I love all Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks. It leaves my lips with a subtle, non-sticky shine, this colour is a nude natural shade.

Nail varnish. I normally carry around the colour that I have on my nails in case of unfortunate chipping or fading, this one is a peach colour by butter London.

Phone. I always have my phone on me at all times of the day, I recently purchased this pretty case by Skinny dip, it perfectly adds a bit of glitz to my clutch =) xXx
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