Teami 30 day detox plan

As summer approaches I am slowly getting swimsuit ready and ditching my old habits of  binge eating and rarely working out for a new healthier lifestyle, whilst hitting the gym for 1 - 2 hours a night, I am also on a teatox plan.

I'm currently on the 30 day detox plan and drinking Teami Skinny tea before breakfast and then the Teami Colon tea every other night right before bed, I never add any sugar to my teas so when I want it to taste sweeter I just add some honey.

I'm absolutely in love with this Teami tea, it does everything it promises to do and gets rid of the bad toxins in you that your body has been storing  for years!! 

Using this teatox plan is pretty simple and straight forward and as I say about everything, make sure you FOLLOW the instructions and you'll be fine!! 

There's also a cute little leaflet included with tips, instructions and a calendar on which tea you should drink and when, which is SUPER HELPFUL!!!

My honest verdict is, if you're looking for a great tea that doesn't taste disgusting, is enjoyable to drink and ACTUALLY WORKS, then please give this one a go (You can thank me later;) ) 
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