If you’re looking for a stylish vape pen and yummy flavours then I highly suggest this one, from Vapeshoreditch! Its easy to use and will fit perfectly in your purse. Recent studies have a shown that e cigarettes are cheaper, better tasting and the UK government/NHS say it's less harmful.  I don't recommend vaping to nonsmokers, but it's a great alternative to smoking.  Here is a link for your own research :)

I love sweets so I got Parma violet, Gummy Bear and Bubble Gum flavours and they tasted amazing and were exactly how they were supposed to taste!

Vapershoreditch sell 20 flavours, so there's something for everyone to chose from including chocolate, apple and fruit salad! if sweet E cigarettes aren't your thing you can try one of their golden, rich or traditional tobacco flavours.

·  Exclusive offer for my readers:  Vape starter kit and 3 flavours for £9.99 (RRP £29.99, save £20!). Simply use code GETVAPING during registration. If you don't need a kit, use code GETVAPING99 for 3 bottles of e-liquid for 99p. Free first class postage so no hidden costs. 

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